Know Your Body Like Never Before

Know Your Body Like Never Before

Visit our gym for a 3-D body scan

Whether you work out regularly or not, your body is constantly changing. This can make it difficult to track your progress at the gym, especially if you feel like you can't see any physical changes. Don't get discouraged-visit STā-FIT for a 3-D body scan. Our fitness center features a cutting-edge Styku body scanner that can take precise measurements of your shape and body composition. This way, you can measure your progress with ease.

No other gym in the area offers a detailed analysis to correct your workouts, improve your diet, maximizing your potential to reshape your goals!

Stop by our fitness center to test the Styku for yourself. All it takes is 35 seconds on the platform to create a full 3-D scan of your body.

Use Styku to help you reach your goals

Styku is an excellent tool for those trying to track their fitness progress. Each scan provides you with over 25 pages of information about your body. Styku gives you access to that information in an easy-to-navigate fitness profile. That profile features categories like:

  • Measurements-Styku is 76% more precise than a trained tailor. It will take hundreds of measurements in just seconds.
  • Track progress-Styku will remember your fitness profile and chart your key measurements over time.
  • Fat analysis-Styku will calculate your body fat percentage and show you the areas where those percentages are highest.
  • Goal setting-Styku can record your desired fitness goals into your profile and help you come up with a plan to reach them.

Call today to ask about our 3-D body scanner, Styku and set up a free consultation with a trainer. You can visit our gym at any time.