Find Elderly Fitness Classes & Senior Citizen Exercise in St. Cloud & Sartell, MN

Workout without paying out of pocket

STā-FIT works with many insurance plans to provide free out-of-pocket gym access to senior citizens. Our Silver Sneakers program is perfect for retirees who need a fun and safe environment for exercising. Plus, we offer classes specifically designed with elderly persons' needs in mind.

For more information about how you or a loved one can enroll in Silver Sneakers, contact us.

4 reasons to sign up for Silver Sneakers

4 reasons to sign up for Silver Sneakers

We make it easy to choose STā-FIT for senior citizen exercise. You'll love our Silver Sneakers program because:

  1. It's free with most insurance plans
  2. It's a fun way to get a balanced workout
  3. It's a great way to socialize with friends
  4. It can help you reduce health issue symptoms

To learn more about senior citizen exercise in St. Cloud or Sartell, MN contact us today.