Spark Group Fitness

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Spark is a group training program that meets Personal Training. We've taken the fun, high energy aspects from the Group Fitness classes and melded them with the personalized Coaching. In a Spark Class, we listen to you and tailor your workout sessions to meet you where you are at. You are watched, cued, and helped through a workout much like you would in a Personal Training session in a group like setting to make the workouts more enjoyable. We create an inclusive setting where you are similar to our Group Fitness Department. We care about the whole person by offering meal plans, getting to know you and your goals and creating a Spark family. You would never miss a family gathering, therefore, you won't miss your Spark classes. We will use tracking systems to monitor your progress and help your fitness journey evolve. Form and safety are of the highest importance to meet your goals so you will always have your coach, who will be your biggest cheerleader, supporting you every step of the way.

Meet the Coaches

Meet Marsha:

Marsha is no stranger to Stā Fit. If you are in Sartell and hear hoots and hollers coming from the spin studio, see a "butterfly" doing burpees at 5:00 am on Halloween or someone riding a mini motorcycle with a costume on during Body Pump, you have seen Marsha. Marsha has been working with the Spark program for approximately 4 years. In addition, she is a Neta Certified Fitness Professional, Les Mills Certified Body Pump, Body Balance, GRIT (think High Intensity Interval Training), kettlebell and TRX. If that isn't enough, she is also a full time school counselor. Marsha truly has a passion for holistic health and brings that energy to every class she teaches/coaches. She meets every athlete where they are. She also knows the importance of a healthy diet. (Shh, rumor has it she does have a weakness for chocolate.) If you don't believe she is a ball filled with energy, there are videos to show you she must have springs in her tennis shoes. If you have ever seen her in action, promise, you will never want to leave her class!

Meet Marj:

Marj is also no stranger to Stā Fit. Although her costume closet isn't as substantial as Marsha's, you will also hear hoots and hollers coming out of the Spark room in Sartell at 5:00 a.m. Is she trying to keep up with Marsha? Marj has certifications in Group Fitness, Cycle, HIIT, TRX, Les Mills Body Pump, kettlebell and strength training. Marj also believes that you don't go on a "diet", you change your diet and lifestyle to meet your fitness goals. She understands you can't out exercise a bad diet, but she has been known to sneak a donut from time to time. When Marj isn't at the gym, she is an elementary school teacher. Teaching/coaching is what she does 24/7. To find some "down time", you will find her on the Beaver Island Trail running 10 miles with a friend. Participants in her class think she has a weird definition of the word fun. Another promise, she will customize each workout to meet the athlete's needs.


I was looking for a workout plan that was convenient, motivating and designed to meet my specific fitness goals. After some extensive research I landed on Spark and was immediately rewarded with exactly what I needed! The program is offered in several time spots and locations and generally lasts around 40 minutes. The regimen is varied so it never gets monotonous or makes you feel like you're stuck in a routine. The best part is that the instructor that I had , Marj, is just fantastic. She knows her craft, invests time in preparation and treats each person as a friend she truly cares about. She has a perfect balance of motivating you to push yourself harder and yet understands when to back off. For those who have a physical shortcoming (bad knees in my case) she always presents a modification to the exercise that allows full participation. She is an amazing coach!

Billy Woolsey